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CD-ROM Software Library
by Microsoft
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Get ready to create your own cool 3D movies with amazing 12 scenes, 45 Actors, special effects and Music - everything you need to bring your ideas to life! UPDATE: All the expansion packs by Frankie Weindel and v3dmm patch by Travis Wells now uploaded on this page.
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Topics: 3dmm, Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, Microsoft Kids, 1995, Windows 95
Community Software
by Uranium Team
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Pokémon Uranium is a game created by a small, dedicated team of Pokémon fans that aims to recapture the classic Pokémon experience along with some added twists. Download the following items: Pokémon Uranium 1.0.msi PU_patch100c.rar PU_patch101.rar Change log for 1.0.1: Fixed bug where scrolling in the Pokedex would cause the game to crash Fixed bug where a Pokemon would be deleted by accident in the Storage screen Fixed a bug where a trainer in the Championship would crash the game Slight...
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Topics: Pokemon, fan game